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Tariana Turia: A Model of Values-Based Politics in Action

The last week has seen widespread news coverage of the Whanganui River Claims Settlement Bill – and, in particular, the Bill’s granting of legal personality to the Whanganui River. Ongoing global coverage of the undoubtedly innovative settlement should not perpetuate the myth … Continue reading

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A Radical Politics of Love

This is the text of a talk I gave at Open School East, London, on Thursday 4 August 2016. * I wanted to start by thanking my friend, the lovely human being and fellow New Zealander Emil Dryburgh, for inviting … Continue reading

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From the Cradle – Eliza Prestidge Oldfield

Part 1: How Much Money do Middle Income Families Have? Having children is a truly terrible financial decision. My son is 16 months old and already we’re down nearly a hundred grand in lost income and childcare costs. (Ouch, I … Continue reading

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Alternative Measures of Progress – and Making Our Measures Meaningful

These are the notes prepared for a talk that I gave at the Cambridge Union on Saturday 23 May, as part of the Global Scholars Symposium 2015.  I spoke alongside Nic Marks and Rob Wiblin in a panel discussion on … Continue reading

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The Politics of Love – Max Harris and Philip McKibbin

Around the world, progressive-minded people are struggling to articulate an end-goal for politics. The Right, in most places, remains committed to the tight logic of neoliberalism (and its ideals of private property, liberty, and efficiency). The Left, meanwhile, has failed … Continue reading

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New Zealand’s Literacy Gap: A Call to Action for Student Teachers (Guest Post by Renée Gerlich)

… no school system can claim to be just which is organised in such a way as to favour children who have been socialised in one, rather than another part of the social structure of the community that nourishes them. … Continue reading

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The Uselessness of Civility – Guest Post by Difficult Lemon

A lot of people I like and respect have been sharing Jon Ronson’s article from the New York Times about internet ‘shaming’, “How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life”. This has bothered me a lot because I fucking … Continue reading

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