Some thoughts on marriage equality in Aotearoa

A lot of people I know celebrated a couple of weeks ago when marriage equality for GBLTI couples became a reality in Aotearoa.  There is still room, however, for further debate on the causes and consequences of the legislation being passed – and many hope that the legislation will be a spur for further discussion and action, rather than being a conversation-stopping moment.

I’ve attempted to add a somewhat random collection of thoughts to the general debate on marriage equality on the Oxford Human Rights Hub blog.  I’ve raised some questions about the religious exemption in the legislation here.  And I’ve offered some comments, too, on whether the Quilter court case made any difference to the passage of the legislation.  These two short blogs had to be edited for length, so there are further points that I haven’t made that I would have liked to mention – but as always, any comments/criticisms are welcome!

In the coming weeks, I am hoping to put up a couple of pieces: one on Nicky Hager’s 2012 Bruce Jesson Memorial lecture (on progressivism, the public interest, and the media in New Zealand), and one on the ‘Kilburn Manifesto’ – an attempt by a group of thinkers on the Left in the UK, including Stuart Hall, to start a sketch a new constructive narrative for the Left.

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